Sustainability Meets Stories

Sonalika Publications

Sonalika Publications has been known to hold a firm belief in the importance of education to build a firm foundation for a better society and a brighter future. Sonalika Publications has focused on promoting inclusive education to reach every nook and corner of the country. We aim to bring out a variety of publications by introducing different genres, all with the motive to make learning interesting, by breaking the monotony. We aim to make education accessible to all and hence, our mission is aligned with the simplification of the lessons to make them as easy and comprehensible as possible.

Another stride in the direction of inclusivity we have taken is by making publications bilingual, available in English as well as Hindi. Environment sustainability is another important aspect that we highly reveres and we haven’t left this stone unturned. All our books are made from recycled paper. This corroborates with our ideals because we believe sustainability and knowledge to be two sides of the same coin. Lessons with an amalgamation of stories with interesting activities for the cognitive development of young minds is how we deliver the idea of active learning. Right from the first publication, we have made sure to intrigue the minds of young readers, in a way that inspires them.

Best Slices of Stories